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In Memory of Rav Shlomo (Solomon) Freilich z"tl

R' Shlomo Zalmen ben Elazar 

Rav Freilich served in the American Rabbinate for over 64 years.
In addition to many other great accomplishments,
he impacted countless individuals to commit to a life of Torah and Mitzvos.
Help continue his legacy and impact in an everlasting way with the writing of a
Sefer Torah to be read from in Ohr HaTorah Jewish Heritage Center
where his son and family continue to inspire
the Jewish people with his teachings and sprit


Chumash Dedication (5) - $5000  

KLAF (Parchment)(3) -$2500
First Pasuk of Torah $1800
Torah Portion - $1000
One Verse - $360
One Word - $72
One Letter - $36

Mantel For High Holidays - $500

Special Portions $1500 each

  • Blessing To Children

  • Song At The Sea

  • The Ten Commandments

  • Prayer At The Ark Opening

  • G-d's Attributes  of Mercy

  • Priestly Blessings

  •  Shema Yisroel

Dedication and Payment Form
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Contributions can also be sent to:

Ohr HaTorah

7020 N. Green Bay Ave.

Glendale, WI 53209

or by calling 414.573.9353

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